The main features of the V11 TDS model include the following.

  • Provides accurate and easy reading of your water TDS
  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Copes easily with demanding daily use
  • Extends life of resin cartridges
  • Controls water flow accurately (0-99) and dependably
  • Advanced micro Dead End detection and retesting
  • Accurate battery voltage testing
  • Low battery cut off override function
  • Unit is sealed to IP65, stopping water ingress
  • Supplied with full wiring kit, fuses and fuse holders, solenoid valve, and full instructions

The TDS controller provides two useful features:

  • Monitoring of Total Dissolved Solids in the water
  • Monitoring Water temperature 

This controller can be used to measure your TDS in line, either after the RO or after the DI vessel. There is no need to use a hand held meter as the controller display can be quickly switched to display TDS. The controller comes with all the market leading functionality of our standard digital controller. TDS functions can also be added to a Filling and flush controller

To check the purity of the water before it gets to your tank fit probe after the DI vessel. To check the purity of the water before it reaches the glass fit the probe after the pump but before the hose.

The probe will also monitor water temperature and can be used with a water heater in a hot water system. 

Note: This control does not have frost protection: Should you want a controller that will provide frost protection and full heater control we would recommend the hot water controller, or a combined Hot Water+TDS controller. 


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