Established in the 1960s, under the name Crow Electro Instruments, the company has been supplying British industry with quality transformers, wound components, wired assemblies, PCBs, cables, and test services for nearly fifty years.

In 2004, following a change in management, the core business was expanded to include design services. Over the next seven years the company found its niche developing and then manufacturing a diverse range of products for a diverse range of customers, whilst continuing to offer its long-established services. At the same time, we developed the first of our own products, the very successful pump controller for the window-cleaning industry.

In 2011, after much consideration, the management decided to rebrand the business as Spring (Europe) to reflect the changes that had taken place – to acknowledge that the company now was very different to what it had been back in 2004. The name was chosen for its positive connotations and range of meanings, ie new growth, a coil, a source of water. All of these are pertinent to our business and thus the name Spring is a simple, elegant way of linking them all together.

Now the intention is to grow both arms of the business – the manufacturing of both our own and customers’ products under the name of Spring (Europe), and the design side under the name of Professional Applications. Giving each arm its own identity will help us focus on the needs of each more effectively whilst still allowing flexibility across both disciplines.

In other words, whether you come to us via Spring (Europe) or Professional Applications you will find the same thing: an experienced labour force and an expert design team who can cover the spectrum from simple assembly to turnkey projects. Our engineers will work to your exacting requirements, whatever your industry, quality systems, timescale or budget, basing our design process on your needs to produce a best of breed solution for your industry.