V11 Basic

The main features of the V11 Basic model include the following. 

  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Copes easily with demanding daily use
  • Extends life of resin cartridges
  • Controls water flow accurately (0-99) and dependably
  • Advanced micro Dead End detection and retesting
  • Accurate battery voltage testing
  • Low battery cut off override function
  • Unit is sealed to IP65, stopping water ingress
  • Supplied with full wiring kit, fuses and fuse holders, and full instructions.

Advanced micro Dead End detection and retesting ensures that when the water flow is restricted (eg the pole has become disconnected from the hose, or there is a blockage) the controller shuts down the pump safely, with no pressure build up, allowing you to fix the problem before restarting the system. 

Advanced battery management, with the battery voltage displayed at the touch of a button, extends the life of the battery and enables the controller to shut down the system if necessary to avoid irreversible damage. This function can be disabled if required; the controller will still display accurate voltage and give a low battery warning. However, we recommend that the override is used only to complete the job in hand and not be left as a permanent setting as running the battery below 10.5 volts for any length of time will result in serious damage. 

Note: The V11 digital controller will run with or without a pump pressure switch. However, we recommend that you use one to give ultimate protection.

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