Understanding Common Messages on Pump Controller Units

Common messages on the V16


DE – Dead End:

The pump shuts down when a pole valve is closed and water flow stops, protecting the motor and pressure switch. If DE appears unexpectedly and the valve is open or there is erratic or poor flow rates

recalibrate the controller. Please see the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6udPoK_2PGg&t=7s


If flow doesn't improve, check:

Hose fittings for mismatches or loose hose connections - also check brush jets and brush connections.

Hoses for airlocks or kinks.

Pump for malfunction or wear.

Battery voltage and electrical connections.


Err message:

Pressing enter during calibration, pump disconnection, or flow blockage.

To resolve: Press either the Up or Down buttons so a cal value is shown.

Avoid button presses during calibration and ensure the pump is connected.


PS - Pressure Switch Message:

Pressure switch operated due to high pressure or wiring faults.

Common causes:

Twisted or kinked hoses, blocked jets or filters.

Trapped air in the system.

Loose or corroded wiring/cable connectors, faulty fuse.

Check hoses, valves, wiring, and tank breather hole.


BAT message:

Battery voltage dropped to 11V, pump stops at 10.5V (‘STP Bat’ message is displayed).


Recharge the battery with an intelligent mains charger. If the battery does not charge, then:


Check for corroded connections, fuse, and holder.

Keep cable runs short to reduce voltage drops.

Verify the functioning of split relay and fuses.

Consider battery replacement for significant voltage drop.


V16 controllers have a QR code, scan this and you will be linked to the correct user guide for your controller. Pump controller user guides can be found on YouTube and under the products tab on our website www.springeuropeltd.co