Why choose a Water Pump Controller from Spring (Europe) Ltd?

As leaders in the market, Spring (Europe) Ltd specialises in the design and UK production of
pump controllers. With extensive experience collaborating with window cleaners and system
builders, we have developed controllers that operate consistently, day in and day out, tailored
specifically for the industry's needs. These robust tools offer numerous advantages to the
external cleaning sector, are commonly utilised in window cleaning, softwashing, and solar
panel cleaning systems thus making Spring the preferred choice for both cleaners and system

Spring's intelligent controls simplify window cleaning by delivering precise water flow control,
accompanied by the following features:

  •  Accurate flow control regardless of the job site
  •  Battery monitoring and a built-in Voltmeter
  •  Protection of the pump pressure switch
  •  Extended battery life for more work per charge
  •  Comprehensive after-sales support
  •  A two-year return-to-base warranty

This enables users to adapt to different building heights and surface conditions while optimising
water usage according to the specific site requirements.

Key Benefits:
1. Increased Productivity: The precision control and automation streamline operations,
allowing workers to clean more windows in less time.
2. Cost Reduction: Optimized water and detergent usage, minimized downtime, and
energy-efficient controllers contribute to a reduction in operational costs. Additionally,
decreased water use translates to less frequent replacement of DI and RO filters.

Built-in Safety Features:

  • Reverse Polarity protection on the Red and Black cables to prevent issues in case of incorrect battery connection.
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Low battery warning and protection

We provide comprehensive user guides on our website and YouTube channel, ensuring our
customers have the necessary resources for a seamless experience.
Choose reliability, purpose-driven design, and UK-built quality with Spring (Europe) Ltd.