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Custom Creation: Is this just another Custom Ford Pickup Truck in Malibu?

November 27, 2016

Jeff Cooper of C-Thru Window Cleaning that services the Malibu area of California USA needed an additional vehicle in his growing company.

Jeff Cooper has been referred to as the “Window Cleaner to the Stars” by WCMTV and cleans for many famous people in the entertainment industry. You can watch that video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQOqPTkXtfs&t=779s

This is not Jeff’s first custom creation; he built out a window cleaning van a few years back. Working with J.Racenstein he outfitted his Ford Transit Connect van for pure water delivery with an on-demand RO/DI pure water system. While happy with that van the on-demand pure water creation sometimes struggled to produce enough flow when two operators were cleaning.

In answer to that J.Racenstein suggested that Jeff should look at a tank-based system for his next work vehicle with about 50 gallons of RO water as a buffer to his water fed pole cleaners.

With this information and Jeff’s desire for a vehicle that could also transport his family, mixed with always liking Ford trucks, he elected to order up a custom F150 four-door four-wheel-drive pickup and had it delivered with a foldable hard cover over the bed.

Jeff then went to J.Racenstein looking for a way to put in a pure water system under the bed. But he quickly discovered that the off the shelf systems did not fit his needs and so he elected to go custom once again.

Together Jeff and J.Racenstein kicked [2016-11-23-16-20-15] around some ideas and came up with a list of requirements

1) An electric rewind reel and 300 feet of delivery hose for the first operator.

Jeff had an electric reel installed into his van a couple years ago and it really made a difference in rewinding the hose from the houses that often ran downhill towards the beach in Malibu.

2) A manual supply reel with 100 feet of deliver.

3 ) Storage for traditional tools and the second operator hose.

4) Independent controls for each operator.

His choice of vehicle did, however, offer a challenge to J Racenstein because of the high reach over point of the bed and Jeff wanted everything to be hidden under the bed cover.

In answer to this a 4′ x 4′ slide out platform was specified to hold the 2 reels and allow for his storage areas. This platform needed to extend all the way out over the tailgate [2016-11-23-16-19-26] to
offer easy reach for allowing access to the working part of the system and supplies.

The RO/DI system filter and tank were designed to take only 53×18 inches of space on a fixed platform tucked up against the back of the bed.

Each operator is served by a 5gpm delivery pump and managed by a Spring Ltd high amperage controller offering individual flow rates. Each pump could draw over 20 amps… the new controllers from Spring were flown in for Jeff’s project.

Jeff uses his vehicle for many tasks, sales calls, haul his family around on the weekends and cleaning windows. Jeff really likes this low profile when motoring around Malibu and servicing his customers. Is it a window cleaning truck or not?

After all when all closed up his truck is just another Custom Ford Pickup Truck in Malibu.

Original publication: http://www.windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk/custom-creation-another/#.WDtPrbiteTg.facebook