Running a two man system from one battery

It is very common for a two pole system to be run off one battery.

Points to bear in mind

  • The Current draw will double
  • Wiring looms should be of equal length
  • The battery will require charging more frequently
  • A higher rated battery may be required. We would suggest 120 AH at least

It is possible that if the battery is not of sufficient rating that you will not be able to run two pumps at the same time.
If the battery is not powerful enough, does not have sufficient charge or is damaged then the controller/pump with the shortest wiring will take all of the available currents

In an ideal world both controllers/pumps should have exactly the same length of wiring from the battery to the controller but this is not always possible.

Some people do run two batteries in parallel to ensure sufficient amperage is available to the two systems.