Why Choose a SPRING Controller?

Have you ever noticed that your cables, pumps and controllers can get very hot and wondered why?

Heat is an enemy of electronics. As circuits are switched on and off components heat and cool and this cycle will over time damage components and make them less able to cope with heat. In turn this increases the risk of a short occurring or a component failure due to over-heating. As with all things, the lower the quality of the component the less it can cope with this heating and cooling cycle, thus shortening its life.


Badly rated or low-quality components will become hot very quickly and as this happens more energy is used to simply heat the component. As energy is turned to heat the pump draws more current to maintain its operating performance and to compensate people tend to turn the controller up. The more current drawn, the hotter the component and pump become, thus leading to the pump drawing more current and so on.

Unchecked these high levels of heat can be dangerous - in particular if there is no fuse fitted or the fuse is over rated for the appliance. In extreme cases where no fuse is fitted to the circuit, dangerously high temperatures can occur. In some very limited circumstances, with no protection, extreme heat can begin to melt the cable insulation and in turn start a fire in the back of your vehicle.


The more current that is used to heat the controller and cables the more current is drawn from the battery, reducing the working time per charge. Not only will you need to charge the battery more often, more frequent discharge and recharge cycles will shorten the life of your battery.

What does it matter? All controllers are much the same anyway right ???


Did you know that Spring manufactured controllers are designed to run cooler? To return unused energy to the battery? And to protect the wiring against overheating and shut down the pump in a fault condition?

The Spring V11 controller runs significantly cooler than any other controller in the market today. This means far less current is wasted. The controller is engineered to return unused current back to the battery. Managing the battery efficiently means that each charge lasts longer, allowing you to work longer and recharge less often.

Over current protection will protect the controller and battery in the event the pump tries to draw current above 9 amps by shutting the controller down. Spring controllers are also supplied with tri-rated wire meaning the cable can supply three times the standard current.

The V11 is also continuously monitoring the pump pressure switch and drive circuit. In the event a cable breaks the controller will shut down the pump and display PS. More importantly, should an exposed or frayed cable core touch the metalwork of the van the controller prevents current feeding a fault condition. Hence, a V11 is protecting itself, battery, wiring and vehicle.

Sounds complicated? No more complicated than the average smartphone that we all use every day.  Your smartphone has dozens of applications running in the background that never impact on the day to day use. Spring controllers are easy to install, easy to set up and easy to use. Switch it on and off to work. Yes, the control is running checks and tests in the background to make your life easier, but they don't get in your way.

Surely though I can buy a cheaper volt regulator and put it in a box?

The simple answer is yes. Buy the PCB, enclosure, connector and cable for £20 to £30 add in your time (and frustration) to build it, test it and then install it which may be another £20 to £30.

You now have a controller that has:

  • No warranty
  • No protection built in
  • It is not designed for purpose
  • No support
  • Due to low-quality components will fail regularly
  • A potential heat source or fire risk
  • Cost up to £60

OR you could buy a Spring V11 that has

  • 12 month warranty
  • A range of protections engineered in
  • Designed and built for purpose
  • Ongoing free support and advice
  • Repair service
  • Full user instructions
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Manages the system
  • Robust and reliable

To start work all you need to do is push one button to switch on, then the controller will do the rest for you until it is time to switch off. Yes, there are a number of products on the market, but they are far from all being the same. When you are looking for a controller remember it is an investment for your business and your working day.

So we would recommend buying one designed and engineered for the purpose.

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