Smart Battery Management

Smart Battery Management

Standard on the V9 and V11 digital controllers is a battery management and voltmeter function. The  “BAT” message is a warning that voltage has fallen below 11.5V on the V9 controls and 11V on the V11 (manufactured since October 2013). The Analogue controller uses a green LED to warn of low volts.

The battery voltage is available at the touch of a button. Following feedback from distributors and cleaners, we re-engineered the way the V11 controller reads and measures battery voltage. ThecController is continuously checking the available voltage. The Charging controller monitors the state of both leisure and vehicle batteries. The controller will shut down the system when the battery is too low, below 10.5 volts on the V11, preventing irreversible battery damage.

This gives confidence at the end of the day that you have enough battery power to finish that job without having to swap or recharge the battery.

Our V11 digital controllers feature low battery cut off override as standard. This can be done in the calibration menu at the click of a button. The controller will still display accurate voltage and give a low battery warning.
Note: running your battery below 10.5 volts could cause permanent damage to the battery cells.

Our engineers have excelled by making the V11 digital controller even more energy efficient, allowing you to work longer on the same charge. Less energy use means longer battery life, less recharging, efficient energy transfer from battery to pump, and less wasted energy.

Our digital pump controller has been designed and manufactured to exacting standards and tested fully before leaving the factory. The unit has a warranty for 12 months provided it is fitted and used according to the instructions. We recommend that in all cases the fuse and the pump pressure switch are fitted, as this gives the best possible protection for the pump, controller and battery, and also allows the most productive and efficient use of your WFP system.