The Radio Frequency Transfer Pump Controller is Spring’s solution to controlling your rapid transfer pump (usually a submersible pump). How many times have you been distracted whilst filling your van only to come back and find that it has flooded? The V11 RF TPC will ensure that your van never floods again.

  • Simple to install
  • Simple to use
  • Comes in two parts:
          Van transmitter (level detector and start control)
          Pump receiver (tank end pump controller)
  • Start filling from your van
  • Control your transfer pump automatically
  • Automatically stops when your tank is full
  • Set max transfer time as a safety net
  • Failsafe transmission 
  • Comes with instructions, cables and a float switch.

Simple to install, you need only to fit a high level float switch (supplied) in your van tank. Then fit the van transmitter in the van and the pump receiver close to your static system. Then plug your transfer pump into the pump receiver. Once your static tank is full you are ready to start a transfer.

Turn on the pump receiver. Then turn on the van transmitter. The unit will send an RF signal to the pump receiver to turn on the transfer pump. The pump will run and transfer the water from your static tank to your van tank. Once the van tank is full it will trigger the high level float switch. This will be read by the van transmitter which will send a signal to the pump receiver to turn off the transfer pump.