Embedded Design

Spring excel in the design of small, intelligent embedded products. Typically using ARM micro-controllers these designs can include USB, ethernet, RS485 or CANBUS serial communications.
We have:
  • Implemented LoRa radio, GPS, GSM modem and bluetooth wireless communication designs.
  • Completed designs for touchscreens, LCD and OLED technologies.
  • Designed and manufacture a number of custom LED lighting designs including WS2811 LED control and WS2811 LED display boards and strips.
  • Designed products for IOT and been involved in the R&D of internet enabled devices.
  • Designed a number of peripherals and accessories for the RaspberryPi and its variants.
Our designs include many DC/DC power supplies, both mains and battery powered products and often include lithium polymer battery charger or lead acid battery charger control.