Pump Controller Warranty 

Warranty for controllers purchased after 1st July 2019 is 24 months. Any controllers purchased before this date have a warranty of 12 months. 

A warranty of 24 months is offered with every Spring (Europe) Ltd manufactured 12V DC controller. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase from the distributor concerned. Please keep the receipt to show purchase date. The controller must be fitted and used in accordance with the instructions supplied with the controller. Please see www.springltd.co or contact us direct for controller guides.

If in doubt contact a qualified electrician or your distributor for advice. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Please note the warranty does not cover misuse as listed below. The liability of Spring (Europe) Ltd is limited to the cost of repair and/or replacement of the product under warranty. The warranty is invalidated if the defect is caused (howsoever) by misuse, neglect, and tampering or incorrect adjustment. It is invalidated if unauthorised persons carry out any alterations and/or repairs.


The warranty is invalidated in the following cases:

  • For the repair due to reversed polarity (miswiring)
  • For repair due to incorrect connection to a 12V DC battery
  • For a repair where no inline fuse has been fitted (see fitting instructions)
  • Where any ancillary equipment not furnished or recommended by Spring is attached to or used in connection with the product and causes problems or damage
  • For repair due to water damage to the PCB or components of the controller


In the first Instance enquiries regarding the warranty should be directed to the distributor from whom the control was purchased. You can also contact Spring (Europe) Ltd direct for user advice and information. The controller warranty is a return to manufacturer warranty. As such, arrangements can be made to send controllers direct for inspection. A charge may be applied for inspection/non-warranty repairs. If in the opinion of our engineer a controller has been damaged by misuse or has been used outside the scope of our fitting instructions one of the following will apply:

  1. An inspection fee (minimum fee £25.00 + vat) or
  2. A repair fee, which will reflect the time of our engineer and the components used to effect a repair. (Minimum £44.95 + vat) 
  3. In some cases our distributor may, in addition, add an administration charge.

If returning direct to Spring, the following is required:

  1. A return postal address
  2. Company or named person returning the controller
  3. An outline of the fault including any messages displayed prior to the controller ceasing operation.