Liquid Dosing Controller with Timer

Spring's accurate, reliable liquid dosing controller, designed with ease of use and installation in mind, is ideal where controlled, accurate dosing is required. Applications include:

  • Dosing pump control
  • Chemical dosing
  • Detergent dosing
  • Chlorine dosing
  • Pesticide dosing
  • Fungicide dosing
  • Additive control
  • Water treatment control

The controller features a programmable timers allowing the user to preset the dosing intervals from seconds to days. Dosing time can also be set to last from seconds to days. The design allows multiple timer blocks to be configured providing extremely flexible dosing control. 

It is enclosed in a hard wearing water resistant (IP65) casing. Multiple configurations are available for 110/230VAC powered units to run any 6,12 or 24VDC pumps. It is available in 3 amp, 6 amp and 12 amp versions. Supplied with full instructions and cables, it is easy to fit and easy to use.

Liquid_Dosing_with_Timer - Data Sheet