The V11 Mains Immersion Heater Controller (Temperature Probe) is Spring’s solution to controlling the water temperature within a large tank. The controller allows the user to set a desired temperature between 15°c and 70°c, once this is set the controller will then turn on the immersion heater until the water has reached the desired temperature. The temperature of the water is measured by a temperature probe placed inside the tank and connected to the controller. This controller features a safety cut-off. When the water level goes down below a safe level detected by a float switch the immersion heater will be switched off. The main features of this controller are:

  • Powered by 230VAC mains
  • Controls 230VAC up to 2.5KW heater element
  • Indicates water temperature
  • Allows user to change desired temperature from 15-70°c
  • Low water detection with safety cut-off
  • IP65 case

To set temperature press and hold the down and enter buttons until tP is shown, then use the up and down buttons to choose desired temperature.