H2Pro Control System

H2Pro Control System

We were approached by J. Racenstein Co (JRC) in the U.S. They were looking to create a purpose built WFP system to suit the U.S. market. What we engineered brings together the UK idea of a van based tank system with the on-demand systems favoured in the U.S. The latter systems have their drawbacks as they can be expensive to run, and are dependent on good water pressure at source to work effectively. The H2Pro's unique buffer tank system enables the user to produce on-demand pure water or draw from the buffer tank when no suitable external water supply is available to provide excellent cleaning as efficiently as possible.

The frequency of cleans is different in the US. A property may be cleaned only once or twice a year as opposed to the four to eight week cycles we are used to in the UK. This can mean that each time a property is cleaned it is in effect a first clean, whereby water usage becomes an issue. With increasing demands to reduce water consumption, particularly in California, in some cases the use of an on-demand system is not an option. The H2Pro allows the user to transport water to site and refill at a later time.

However, it also offers a lot more. The final system includes:

  • A 12V delivery pump for softwashing or window cleaning

  • A 12V RO booster pump with full detection to stop the pump

  • A carbon/sediment filter

  • RO membranes

  • A 50 gallon RO buffer tank

  • A DI resin filter with replaceable/refillable media cartridge

  • TDS meter

  • A battery box

  • Hose reel

  • Inlet pressure gauge

  • A remote control fob

On Demand Filling

It is one of the first truck systems to feature twin float fill and delivery management. When the tank is running low, the controller monitors the low level float switch and shuts down the delivery pump to avoid getting air into the system and to prevent it from running dry. The user can set a delivery pump delay between one and 10 minutes, giving the system time to refill before it can be restarted.

The top float switch is used to close the RO solenoid valve and shut down the booster pump when full. When the level drops, the controller will start to refill. However, to avoid a continuous filling and empty cycle, the user can set a fill delay on the booster pump between 1 and 10 minutes.

The system controls a 25 Amp booster pump, which if used for long periods is going to get hot. For this reason the H2Pro shuts down the RO booster pump for 10 minutes in every hour, preventing overheating through thermal management.

One might think that this efficient water management system would not be able to cope with baked on dirt and the lower frequency of cleans common in the US so a lot of water would still be required, but the answer is no because this system uses soap.


One of the innovations of the H2Pro is the soap injection pump. This third pump, running from a single controller, makes it easy to apply soap from the safety of the ground. The controller allows the user to set the soap pump run time between one and 30 seconds, or it can just be turned on/off from the soap button on the key fob. Pure water is used to rinse the glass, meaning the user can clean more efficiently and safely from the ground and use less water into the bargain. In states like California where a statute requires people to reduce water use by 25% of the previous year's consumption, it is a real win-win solution.


The system features a TDS probe that allows the user to monitor the live TDS in the water stream. The TDS ensures good quality pure water is being used on the glass. The system will also warn of a sudden change in TDS value being delivered to the brush. The user can preset the upper TDS threshold between 1 – 40 PPM. Should a higher level be detected the controller will stop the delivery pump and display “STP TDH”. This innovative feature ensures the system is always using the right quality pure water, and should the RO membrane or DI resin become exhausted the user can make the changes to continue working quickly and easily. The user can also choose to override the high TDS pump shut down by setting the threshold to HI, allowing completion of the current job or even of that day's work.

RF Remote Control

The intuitive three-button remote allows the user full remote control to turn the delivery pump on/off, to control soap application and to select normal wash or a rinse boost as required. In general, a higher flow is required for the rinse action. The H2Pro allows the user to preset a rinse boost so the extra flow required is available at the touch of a button.


The H2Pro has a bigger brother that can handle up to 40 Amps on the delivery pump. The unit will manage the 25 Amp RO booster pump and a 25 Amp five gallon per minute delivery pump as well as the soap injection pump. The high current H2Pro could be the tool of choice for solar panel cleaning, mobile car washing or any site that needs a higher flow.

Features & Functions:

  • Available in high and low current versions

  • RF remote for Wash & Rinse water flow control

  • TDS reading (0 – 40 - HI)

  • High TDS shutdown of pump (+ user override)

  • Low level float switch. Shut down delivery on tank empty

  • High level float switch. Shut down RO pump on tank full

  • 0 – 10 minute pump restart delay on both pumps (DLY – FDY)

  • On demand tank filling

  • 10 minute RO pump shut down every hour

  • Delivery pump shut down via

  • Switching controller

  • RF remote

  • Low float (tank empty)

  • High TDS

  • Timed shut down (thermal protection) on 25A pumps

  • RO pump shut down via

    • High level float (tank full)

    • Timed shut down (thermal protection) on 25A pumps

H2Pro - Data Sheet