Available NOW THE ONE SHOT STAND ALONE RADIO REMOTE KIT. This will fit to all water pump controllers currently on the market. Easy to fit and easy to use. One Click On - One Click Off. For complete and easy remote control of your pump. Full 12 month Warranty for piece of mind. All units and fobs are factory configured and tested. All necessary connectors, fuse and full instructions are included. This kit allows you to get the best out of your system by helping you work more efficiently as you move between windows.

  • Save Water
  • Reduce Battery Use
  • NO more twisted or kinked hoses
  • Work smarter
  • Increase earning potential

No need to DE the pump by twisting or kinking the hose simple switch off the pump with the One Shot. It will work on both vehicle and trolley systems. The remote will work  Line of site up to 40 meters.

The water flow make take a few seconds to stop once you have stopped the pump. This is due to pressure in the hose and the DE calibration setting. Be aware the higher the Calibration and Flow setting the higher the pressure created by the pump, this will effect how long it takes for the water flow to stop. Push the One Shot fob once after a few seconds the flow will stop.

Available from Gardiner Pole systems, Pure Freedom, Window cleaning Warehouse, Cleaning Spot, Streamline TCW, Sureclean Systems Ireland, X-line systems. Or Contact your WFP supplier

Note The Stand Alone radio remote will switch the pump On/Off it will not wake up the pump control. Your pump controller must first be switched on manually to allow use of the radio remote.

One-Shot_Stand_Alone - Data Sheet