V11 Charging

This controller uses a split relay to charge your leisure battery. The controller monitors when the engine is running and only then supplies current to the leisure battery, which is charged by the alternator. Once the engine is switched off, the split relay will open so the leisure battery is no longer drawing a charge. This means that your leisure battery can be recharged whilst travelling between sites, providing you with sufficient charge whenever and wherever you need it. Supplied with full wiring kit, connectors, fuses and fuse holders, and full instructions.

  • Charges the leisure battery
  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Copes easily with demanding daily use
  • Extends life of resin cartridges
  • Controls water flow accurately (0-99) and dependably
  • Advanced micro Dead End detection and retesting
  • Accurate battery voltage testing
  • Low battery cut off override function
  • Unit is sealed to IP64, stopping water ingress

Note: We would advise that such a split relay charging system may be fitted to vehicles with intelligent alternator start/stop systems. However please consult your vehicle manufacturer or dealer as fitting an auxiliary electrical split relay to these vehicles may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.

Note: The leisure battery will probably still require mains charging on occasion to maintain full charge.

V11_Charging - Data Sheet